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Click Album 6 Win-Mac LAB Version was developed with 
the idea to bring together  the Professional Photo Laboratory 
and the Professional Photographer.

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Click Album 6 WIN-MAC LAB
is fully customized to the specific requests of  
every photo laboratory with LOGO, website,
e-mail, FTP info, size of album and printed

Click Album 6 LAB includes:
LAB version WIN-MAC and Client version

Click Album 6 LAB allows:
* Update of graphics libraries online
* Receive orders via FTP or on DVD
* "Always Open" status

Click Album 6 LAB includes:
* Tools to design Album
* Sizes, Projects and Templates ready for use
* Editing tool to corect photos
* Export in the LAB part to following formats:
* Export in the Client part to crypted .zip file


Album and Mini Album projects,
ready to use Sizes and Formats
Every Laboratory can offer their default projects
to create a photo album according to the print
industry standards with the relative security
margins. Laboratory can upgrade their projects
uploading them directly on its server.

Click Album also offers ready to use projects
for mini albums of the different shapes and


Auto Compositions

This function allows to automate the
insertion of the photo and layout of a new
digital album using some ready project,
or selected templates from the library of
Album Express. It allows to create the contact
sheet of the project in one click.
It is possible to automate an entire folder
or selected files from your local disk.
Only a few clicks to select the templates and
photos and your album is ready.

Advanced Photo Editing

With Click Album, you can 
edit the photo from your project using
the functions of the color correction.
You can also open it with some external
photo editor which was connected with
Click Album.  
Click Album is a perfectly compatible with
all types of the external Photo editors such as
Photoshop, Lightroom, Painter, Aperture
and many other editing software 
for Win and Mac.  

Page Decor

Click Album offers a huge graphic libraries
to create endless combinations which help you
to create unique and exclusive project of the
digital photo album.
Those huge graphic libraries can be also expanded
with the additional graphics from our website.
Click Album offers a wide range of ready to use
Backgrounds, Clipart, Frames, Masks, Templates.
All graphic libraries are available for download
from our server.
The additional graphics can be purchased from our

Create Mini Album

Using Click Album with just one click 
you will be able to create a project
for Mini Album.

Click Album includes the ready projects
to create a Mini Album with different
dimensions and different shapes.

Choose the auto layout mode to insert
the photos and the project of a Mini
Album is ready to be printed immediately.

Tools and Layers

The Layer window of Click Album
look likes the layers of Photoshop.
It includes the usefull functions to create
advanced objects. Here you can also
block, shackle or make objects invisible,
rename, delete and align the objects.
You can also apply fades or effects
like as in Photoshop.

Export Client Part

Customer exports the project in encrypted .zip 
file that can be sent to the laboratory via
embedded FTP software or saved on a DVD.
Export Laboratory Part

Click Album is a layout software which includes
the fastest rendering.
More available memory is on your computer
more faster rendering will be.
Select a color profile from default or use your prefered 
color profile to export your project in high resolution
to the most common graphic formats:

Click Album 6 at a glance:
· 6 ready to use album projects
· 4 ready to use Mini Album projects
· 250 Templates · 180 Masks · 150 Frames
· 320 Cliparts · 200 Backgrounds
· Built-in Effects Editor · Built-in Text Editor
· Supported formats: RAW, JPG, PSD, PDF, TIFF, PNG
· External Photo Editor Support · CD-DVD Recorder
· FTP Upload

Click Album is available in 15 languages:
· English · Spanish · French · Italian
· Portuguese · Polish · German
· Japanese · Russian · Chinese · Greek 
· Hebrew · Korean · Dutch · Turkish.

Available for Windows e Mac

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Click Album 6 Win-Mac LAB

Click Album 6 Win-Mac LAB

Click Album 6 Win-Mac LAB Version was developed with 
the idea to bring together  the Professional Photo Laboratory 
and the Professional Photographer.

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