3 tips for wedding as a professional photographer
19 / Oct, 2017
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3 tips for wedding as a professional photographer

If you are preparing to photograph your first marriage, perhaps you will be assailed by doubts and anxieties about how "the big day" will go. Most likely you're worse off than the bride and groom! It is easy to be overwhelmed in these cases.

Our suggestion to cope with the situation is to have a plan of action, so as to increase the chances that the couple is enthusiastic about your work.
1. Take some time to get to know the couple, their story.
Ask them how they met, the details of their lives, their history and their love. These details will be useful to find ideas and ideas for your photos. Start by discussing which prints they need to decorate their home. They will be for a lifetime on their walls, so it is important to underline their importance.
All of this gives you an idea of what they expect and how you can meet and even exceed those expectations.
2. Create a list of shots
Create a checklist of shots for the wedding day that includes key moments of the wedding ceremony. When marriage becomes hectic, this list will become your lifeline.
3. Familiarize yourself with the location

Try to reach the wedding locations in advance. Take inspiration from the decorations and take some pictures before the guests arrive.